What is Roku Ninja?

Roku Ninja is a web application that gives you the power to build and manage Roku channels and the content within them.  With our easy-to-use wizard you can build a Roku channel without having to program or code. The application allows you to publish your new channel to the Roku Channel Store.

Is there programming involved?

No, there is no programming necessary to build your first Roku channel within the application.  We have designed Roku Ninja to be as user friendly as possible.

Can I brand my channel?

Yes, Roku channels are brandable to your needs.  You can upload art, create your own color scheme through a series of color palette options and more.  You have many options to customize your channel.

Can I build a private Roku channel?

Yes, you have access to build both private and public Roku channels from Roku Ninja. So if you’re looking to make a paid private channel, you can do that within the application.

Can I make advanced customizations to my channel?

Yes, you can choose for 4 levels of how you want to work with Roku Ninja.

  1. Required – Display required fields only.
  2. Simple – Display necessary fields only.
  3. Common – Display the most common fields.
  4. Advanced – Display all advanced fields.

What information can I know about my viewers?

As the channel administrator you have the option to collect viewer name and email address to stay connected with them.  This will allow you to build a viewer database that you can communicate to through email.

Can I add advertisements to my channel?

Yes, you can setup pre-roll advertisements within your channel with VAST tags (Video Ad Serving Template). You can easily manage your pre-roll advertisements within Roku Ninja.